We sift, you score.

Break away from overpriced, out-dated vintage. The Break curates what's current for a bargain.

We believe personal style is the chicken to the industry's egg. The Break aims to bridge the runway and reality, sourcing second-hand clothing and accessories that represent a current aesthetic. We sell our pieces in collections - editorials that inspire and are instantly shoppable on this site. 

Shopping The Break also helps the earth! Did you know that clothes are the second largest source of pollution, after oil? 85% of textiles end up in a landfill. For every pound of recycled clothing that is spared from disposal, approximately 3-4 pounds of CO2 are saved. Our carbon footprints look so good together. 

The Break inventory is available to stylists and creatives. Please see our services page for more information. 

The Break is relevant. The Break is effortless. The Break is broken-in.

Photo by Corbin Chase

Photo by Corbin Chase

The Break launched on the World Wide Web from a Brooklyn apartment in October 2014, but truly began in Wisconsin around Y2K. Without a luxury retailer (or a luxury budget), Hannah Richtman, founder, discovered her sense of style on the racks of local thrift shops. She’s passed hundreds, nay, thousands of blissful hours under fluorescent light, traversing linoleum far and wide for the Gucci in the haystack. Her “eye” was honed and after years of “thanks, it’s vintage!”, Hannah decided it was time to collect on a larger scale. The Break has since expanded from an online space to a real life destination, opening up shop in Greenpoint, BK in December 2016.