Knobbly XL Quartz Threader Earring

Knobbly XL Quartz Threader Earring


An extra long box chain threader with a faceted quartz drop in a three-pronged cage. The earring can be threaded in multiple ways - through a single piercing or more, with the quartz drop level with the chain's tip, or pulled higher so that the chain skims your shoulder.


22 cm (8.5") total length. Lightweight.

Sterling silver.



Gittit Szwarc is the self-taught designer behind Knobbly Studio. What drives her interest in jewelry is the way it interacts with the human form. Szwarc's light-filled studio is located in the Noga district in Jaffa, Israel. All items are handmade in the studio by her team from locally sourced materials.

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