Knobbly Coil Earring

Knobbly Coil Earring

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A two-piece earring that appears to wrap around the ear. One piercing required.The pearl section wraps before the bar when worn on the right ear, and in reverse when worn on the left. 


Sold as a single. When purchased as a pair the pearl position will be different on the left ear and on the right, creating a subtle asymmetry.

Available in gold filled or sterling silver with 6 mm drop pearl. 


Gittit Szwarc is the self-taught designer behind Knobbly Studio. What drives her interest in jewelry is the way it interacts with the human form. Szwarc's light-filled studio is located in the Noga district in Jaffa, Israel. All items are handmade in the studio by her team from locally sourced materials.

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