Knobbly Pearl Threader Earring

Knobbly Pearl Threader Earring

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Petite box chain threader earring with a 7 mm drop pearl in a three-pronged cage. Thread through single or multiple piercings.


10 cm (4") total length. Lightweight.

Available in sterling silver, or goldfilled chain with a solid 9k gold cage.

This earring is sold as a single. Please add two to your cart if you would like a pair.


Gittit Szwarc is the self-taught designer behind Knobbly Studio. What drives her interest in jewelry is the way it interacts with the human form. Szwarc's light-filled studio is located in the Noga district in Jaffa, Israel. All items are handmade in the studio by her team from locally sourced materials.

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