LESSE Face Masque

LESSE Face Masque



Purifying Charcoal & Rare Flame Tree

A charcoal masque unlike any other. This highly detoxifying, vitamin-rich formulation is potent in bio-actives to both treat and prevent issues above and below the surface of the skin.

A combatant against breakouts, pollution, sun damage, aging, and chronic skin conditions, this healing blend of powerful organic ingredients is an agent for skin’s renewal.

Gentle on all skin types, this masque fights powerfully against common and chronic skin conditions, while immediately cleansing and softening one’s complexion.

Anticipate visible results — immediately and ongoing.

Key Ingredients

This formulation centers on charcoal, one of the organic industry’s most formative detoxifying ingredients, and builds an uncompromising formulation of both rare and well-loved elements around it.

Bottled in Canada using all organic ingredients. Unisex, sustainably packaged, and travel-sized.

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