The Break Down: Quinton

The latest mix in our Break Down series perfectly reflects our PR and Events director Quinton Mulvey: moody, sensual and very particular.

I’m drawn to tracks and artists that create an environment with their sound. I usually listen to music as a way of elevating my otherwise remedial daily tasks - taking a shower to some nostalgic soft jazz, strutting to my friend’s pregame to experimental house music, making out with boys to Rhye etc. This playlist has a wide variety of genres, feelings and histories (which is pretty reflective of my triple pisces sad-art-boy vibe). Subscribe here !

  1. The Feeling When You Walk Away by Yves Tumor

  2. Calling Out of Context by Arthur Russell (one of my favorite artists of all time!)

  3. Life is a Gamble by Jesse Futerman

  4. Les Be Honest by Connan Mockasin

  5. Love Is A Hurtin’ Thing by Gloria Ann Taylor