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Raveena Aurora: Woman Is Holy

Pure, profound and empowered, Raveena Aurora embodies everything we could hope for in the next generation of singer-songwriters. Fresh off the release of her self-directed single Honey, we caught up with Raveena before her Woman Is Holy Tour this summer. Get to know the woman behind the magic and find out who she can't wait to hug below.

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THE BREAK DOWN: Louis Vuitton Spring 2018

BREAKing News: Marie Antoinette has a streetwear makeover and I’m living for it. That’s right, 18th century French fashion is back in style and luckily not in the way you think. Say goodbye to dresses that can’t fit through doors or corsets that restrict your McDonald’s intake. Instead, Marie is coming through in linen shirts and ugly dad sneakers and the entirety of the French Court is shook.

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Drawings and Dress-up with Andrea Smith

Last week, we caught up by playing dress-up with OG Break Babe and resident artist Andrea Smith while she refreshed our seasonal window display. Andrea has been an integral part of the Break community since we first opened our doors in December 2016 and has been creating beautiful one-of-a-kind window paintings for us ever since. Always a breath of fresh air, Andrea truly embodies the "good vibes only" cliché well, literally.

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