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Soundtrack to Evolution: Donna Missal

Remember her name because Donna Missal is a force to be reckoned with. With more than 11 million combined streams to date, Missal’s message of fearless self-acceptance is already making major waves. Fresh off the release of her first studio album and with a string of tour dates on the books, Missal takes the time to slow down with us. Read on to learn about her pre-show ritual, her philosophy on success, and why she’s been wearing the same sweatshirt for ten days straight.

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Break Babe: Maggie White

I first met Maggie in 2015 when we were both young store managers in Soho. Thankfully she forgave me for the time I threw her shade in our office group chat for wearing flip-flops to work, and we’ve been close friends ever since. Life of the party, a real natural beauty, and lethally hilarious, Maggie is the type of friend you can always count on— whether it’s shotgunning a beer or taking care of your dog. Discover her love for dad rock, Saved By The Bell, and where she goes for the best burger in the city below.

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