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Meet The Muse: Gabbriette

Gabbriette holds a very special place in my heart. I first met her when she was just 18, and I was in LA for my first solo business trip. Gab agreed to shoot with Mercedes and I at my haunted airbnb rental in the Silver Lake Hills, and I was PUMPED. I had fallen in love with her online persona, and soon learned that she's even smarter, funnier, and more beautiful in person.

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Whiskey & Cigarettes with Angelina Bergenwall

I first met Angelina in 2011 in Sweden, where I was studying abroad. She was recommended to me as a great Swedish photographer who may be willing to work with me on my blog. Upon meeting her, I gave her a HUGE hug, in classic American fashion, and almost scared her away. I quickly learned that the Swedish social customs were not what I was used to (I am loud, blunt, and move my hands around a lot when I speak), but she agreed to work with me despite my obvious lunacy.

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