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LOVE YOUR MOTHER—Last Sunday The Break partnered with Milk Studios and A/D/O for a special Earth Day extravaganza. The store was open all day for dancing and clothing donations, followed by an evening panel at A/D/O focused on integrating sustainability into creative practices. Our goal was simple: to celebrate mother Earth, encourage and educate our community to live their best eco-conscious lives, and party our asses off while doing it.

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On a chilly February evening in Greenpoint, BK, the night hummed with the distinct sound of a party that would soon become the stuff of legends. Inside, joyful mosh pits and impromptu crowd surfing were fueled by unlimited cheese plates and an open bar. Fashion’s chicest and frankly, funnest crowd, kicked off their vintage Valentino’s and partied like it was… well, 2018.

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Milk Makeup x The Break

We teamed up with Milk Makeup and powerhouse makeup artist Andi Metro to bring you some Halloween-inspired looks! Featuring Break Babes Gabriette Bechtel, Scarlett Costello, Anajah Hamilton, and Mohnish Rachuru, all wearing #TheBreakIRL. This shoot - organized to promote our party that was benefiting those affected by Hurricane Maria - took place right in our store at 82 Dobbin St. Shoutout to Milk for giving away their precious goodies to those who made donations and purchases that night. #MilkMakeupXTheBreak

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