The Break Down: Stonie Blue

Playlist & Images by Stonie Blue, Interview by Kira Shipway

In honor of #BREAKNYFW FW18 we asked Break Babe and resident DJ Stonie Blue to curate a mix inspired by this season’s show. We’re not picking favorites, but if we did Blue would certainly be at the top. Peep his interview, playlist and photography below.


Name: Stonie Blue

Birthplace: Born in Las Vegas, Nevada. Grew up In Dallas, Texas.

Currently Living: Brooklyn, NY

Astrological Sign: Aquarius

Insta: @antbluejr

Website: //

Soundcloud: StonieBlue

How did you discover The Break?

My Friend Banna did a Glazed pop up there and asked me to Dj. That’s when I met Shelby (Banna’s partner) and Hannah. It was a ton of fun because there were so many beautiful, carefree people there. 

Tell us a little bit about your work. How did you get involved in music? What inspires you? 

I’m starting to think my work focuses on understanding what makes humans feel good. Psychology work. When Im shooting, I have to find ways to make the subject comfortable. When i'm spinning its the same thing, making a room full of strangers comfortable, happy, and open. I've always been involved in music. its funny because i used to photograph concerts to get closer to the music. shooting musicians. after a while i had to give djing a try because i was having a party and was in need of a dj. So i figured i'd just do it. Im inspired by opportunity and curiosity.  

What is your favorite part about DJing live events?

My favorite part is making people feel good and happy and carefree in public spaces.

How much preparation vs. spontaneity goes into your sets? What clues do you use to read a crowd? 

I feel like i'm always preparing for a set. If I hear something when i'm out and about, i'm always Shazam-ing stuff that I could potentially use for my set. It’s like hibachi, i’ll gather all my songs the day of and when my set starts, I freestyle everything based on what the room looks and feels like. Everything is spontaneous but sometimes I have a feeling that certain things can work. The best clues are to focus on the people who are dancing first because they provide the energy and people can follow their lead. 

What other creative mediums do you work in?

I do photography and i’m slowly getting into animation. I make music as well. I’m lead by curiosity so i don't have any restrictions on whats possible. 

Who are you at the party?

I’m an observer. Just a fly on the wall... lurking.

What is your favorite memory at The Break?

I think my favorite moment is from BREAK NYFW FW18 when the final model, Gabriette, closed out the show and was crowd surfing at one point during my dj set. I got a photo from the dj booth. That kind of energy inspires me so much and its the perfect sign to confirm you're doing a good job. We need more crowd surfing lol. 

Most surprising moment from BREAK NYFW FW18?

I had no idea how many people were planning on showing up. It was like a fashion warehouse rager without the warehouse. 

Describe the mix you made for BREAK NYFW FW18 in 3 words: 

Energy, Classic, Fun 

What is your most requested song of 2018? Requests in general?

I think overall, on any given night, someone will request Drake. I think at some point, requests were more welcomed in DJ culture. For me, I truly think people need to cut that shit out. I treat my dj set like painting with sound waves. How often do people come up to painters or designers and request their selfish wants to be in the piece? It’s a love/hate thing, sometimes someone can request something that you weren't thinking of and it fits perfectly into your mix. Sometimes people are so entitled and i think its selfish of them. That’s what Spotify is for.

In your opinion, best album of the year?

I’m really into AstroWorld by Travis. I like American Matthews Lost Boy No Reward. I like KEY! 777. I like Kids See Ghost. So hard to pick one, I like so many. 

Future goals, hopes and dreams?

My future dreams are to travel the world and make art in new places.

Tell us a secret?

I love being alone and i'm hoarding so many photos from a 2017 trip to Japan.