Team Angel's Music Video Debut

Premiere: A Large Bag by Team Angel

Interview, styling and photos by Kyra Bennington

A Large Bag embodies the “I am going to eat your soul” aesthetic of Jennifer’s Body: a walk in the woods, a devoured boy and a demonic Team Angel. With footage shot by Shane Allen and Nick Blanco, Brooklyn-based artist Team Angel’s premiere music video combines ethereal visuals with her entrancing hit song, which by the way, is now available on all streaming services. We caught-up with the rising star for a quick shoot and interview in anticipation of her debut today, and all that is to come.

Name: Team Angel

Birthplace: Seattle—I grew up there and in LA

Currently: Brooklyn

Astrological Sign: Super Sagittarius, I have seven planets in the sign lmfao. Aquarius moon.

Insta: @team_angel26

Introduce yourself!

I’m Team Angel. I rap, sing, design, photograph, produce, engineer, edit, etc…. I do a lot of shit.

Right now i’m wearing a frank ocean t-shirt that people always think is a photo of Kanye. Free Young Thug.

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How does it feel to be premiering A Large Bag?

It feels like a release and a forward motion. I’m self taught in everything so it’s also a stamp of personal growth. I have so much further to go but there was a time when I was terrified of even sharing one of my photos with anyone— and now i’m like “here. take it. love it.” To be able to release something that I conceived and brought to life with only the help of a few close friends (including Kyra, who shot this editorial & assisted the video shoot) is fucking sick.

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You not only starred in A Large Bag, but also edited the entire video and included personal footage. As an artist, what is the connection between what you produce visually and musically?

One doesn’t exist without the other. Creative directing my work allows me to dive deeper into whatever i’m expressing in a song... every detail from color, to effects, to my clothing and makeup continues that narrative.


Based on the way people might see me because of my gender, ethnicity, etc, i think it’s extra important. You could misunderstand me or take shit out of context, but I know that I said what the fuck I said because I said it a million times in hella different ways.

With A Large Bag it’s like watching a movie with the captions on even though you already speak the language. The cover art is a loose nod to Victoria Beckham’s iconic Marc Jacobs shoot with Juergen Teller (i’m wearing The Break, shot by my friend Sulay). The photo in the background is one I took years ago at my favorite park in Los Angeles. It’s where i’m from, what I know, and what I love.

What space do you fill that is missing within the current music industry?

I feel like the music industry is missing me—sonically, visually, energetically. So i'm filling that space. With myself.

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How do you see your style evolving with the growth of your career?

I just want to get closer to the way things are in my head and in my dreams—I see myself manifesting my inner world, out here.

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Team Angel wears vintage The Break, Eva G-String in white, and Edas Mini Waist Bag in black leather.