Backstage FW18 with Elena Mudd

Photography by Elena Mudd, Interview by Kira Shipway

Name: Elena Mudd

Birthplace: Burlington, Vermont

Currently Living: Clinton Hill, Brooklyn 

Astrological Sign: Aries sun, Scorpio rising & moon.

Insta: @elenamudd


How did you discover and start collaborating with The Break? 

I discovered The Break in 2016 through instagram—they were making custom embroidered t-shirts, and I had to order one with a quote from my favorite childhood movie, Adventures in Babysitting. I remember Hannah, the owner, was so personable and sweet. Fast forward to 2018— my good friend and studio-mate Jacqueline Harriett (who has been shooting the most amazing content for The Break) recommended me to shoot an event and I was thrilled to work with Hannah and the team. 

Tell us a little bit about your work. How did you get involved in photography? What inspires you? 

My father introduced me to photography in high school by giving me his old 35mm camera. At that time I wanted to be a cinematographer and my film camera was a good start for that. My brother and I collaborated together a lot as teenagers while he was studying photography at college. I jumped around a lot in college, but ended up studying photography & Social Justice. I’ve now been freelance for 3 years and love it so much! I’m incredibly inspired by the people I meet on the streets and their stories, women and their resilience and strength and access to the vulnerability of the world, the ocean, soul music, and nature.

What was your favorite moment from BREAK NYFW FW18? Overall impression?

My favorite moment was shooting and connecting with models one-on-one backstage as they got ready for the show. Their excitement, nerves and energy were contagious. The Break embraces originality and beauty and personal style and it was so fun to see that all in one place. The energy and atmosphere was wild! 

Who are you at the party?

I’m the person talking to individuals about the realest shit. Or I’m laughing hysterically and dancing. Depends on the mood. 

Future goals, hopes and dreams?

I hope to have a career as an editorial portrait photographer, travel as much as I can, have a dog, be in love, be happy, and retire to some far away place with lots of rescue animals. 

Tell us a secret?

I primarily ate sticks of butter from ages 3-4. 

Favorite image you took at BREAK NYFW & why?

There are a couple of shots of Tierra I got backstage in this area with this reflective art installation. I love how fierce Tierra looks and how my flash worked with the reflective sculptures!