The Break Down: Sophie


Next up on The Break Down: our Director of Retail Operations, our sweetheart, our sunshine, our Sophie


In her words: I'm totally a creature of habit, so at any given time I'm listening to the same 5 songs on repeat. While somehow my roommate tolerates this, no one at the store has let me do it since I ruined Love Galore last summer. Out of mercy, I mixed in songs that have been on rotation at some other point in my life and have the power to transport me to when I was first listening. They take me back to my unrequited 4th grade crush on Garrett (I Luv Your Girl), getting grounded for 8 months my sophomore year of high school (Teleport 2 Me), and my first winter in New York (Wish You Were Gone). Enjoy!


1) Tell Nobody — Fredo Santana ft. Chief Keef

2) Ammi Ammi — Archy Marshall

3) Married To The Game — Future

4) Call Me Up — Homeshake

5) Geronimo — SahBabii


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