Get Ready with Jenny Welbourn

To the world she's known as Wearilive, YouTuber extraordinaire. Her YouTube channel is a safe-space for over a hundred thousand subscribers who follow Jenny as she talk about sustainable fashion, veganism, and everything in between. To me, however, she's Jenny Welbourn, best friend and maker of the best vegan pancakes this side of the Mississippi. We met how any millennial couple tends to meet, online. The Fashion Institute of Technology class of 2018 Facebook Group to be exact. Somehow, by some dumb luck, or by fate (as Jenny likes to think), we were cosmically brought together and destined to become roommates. Over the last three years of living in the close quarters of dorms and apartments, I have had the great privilege of watching Jenny grow into the unstoppable force that she is today. With collaborations such as Lisa Says Gah, Baggu, and Glossier under her belt, Jenny is just getting started— by the time she's finished, the world will never be the same. She is full of wisdom, compassion, and grace, and we are so lucky that she chooses to share that with the world. Read on to get to know the beautiful soul behind Wearilive and be sure to watch the beautiful video she made in collaboration with us.


Jenny wears the Hara Stella Low Cut Bra, Eva G-String, and Après Ski Clef Earrings

Name: Jenny Welbourn

Born: In Chicago but I grew up in Colorado

Currently: Living in Brooklyn

Sign: Libra Sun, Gemini Rising, Sag Moon with an emphasis on Libra

Follow her:  @wearilive 


Explain what you do for those who may not know you:

Well, right now my job is Youtube! I make videos based around sustainable/ethical fashion and lifestyle on my channel, Wear I Live. Over the past few years I’ve really changed my focus to living a lifestyle that is kind to the planet, it’s people, and animals and have enjoyed being able to share that online while practicing my video creation skills. This is a new progression of my channel with being able to do it full time and it’s absolutely amazing. I’m also finishing up my last year at FIT studying Marketing and Advertising with a minor in Sustainability and Ethics!

Where/when do you feel most inspired?

Getting myself to leave the house is usually when I start feeling inspired again. I work from home and can often get in a habit of locking myself in the house for days. This often leads to being highly uninspired to being quickly my most inspired and trying to channel it before it goes away. I usually get my best ideas when I’m on the train listening to my discover weekly or when I’m lying in bed at 3am awake. I think going along with lows and highs, hearing bad news after the initial depression eventually turns into an inspiration to try and do more for our Earth and people.


Jenny using the Herbivore Facial Oil Trio

The beauty products you can’t live without? Skincare? Hair?

I’ve struggled with acne since I was wearing training bras (I think I still wearing training bras?). However, I’ve been using Drunk Elephant T.L.C Framboos Glycolic Night Serum and nothing has ever made my skin look this good. I’ll probably use it for the rest of my life. For my hair, I rely heavily on Amika Bombshell Brooklyn Bombshell Blowout Spray to make my hair look good. You spray on before drying and I swear it just gives my hair texture and life without any stickiness or the feeling of having “product” in my hair which I hate. For makeup, I’m looking to grab more Make Makeup products right now!

Describe your personal style:

I think my style has changed a lot over the years but also really stayed true to how it’s always been. I’ve always enjoyed feeling comfortable and being able to move/live in the clothes I wear and I don’t think that will ever change. I really have a wardrobe angled towards basics but love to throw in something frilly, cutesy or bright colored to make my wardrobe feel like me by adding those accessories or special pieces. My ideal situation is dressing like a fun grandma and definitely have a camera roll filled with older women on the street who are outfit inspo to me.


Jenny wears the Stella Low Cut Bra and the Lena High Waist Undies in Pumpkin, she uses her Poketo Concept Planner in Red

What are your favorite spots in NYC + Brooklyn?

I love Transmitter Park in Greenpoint and I think The Barge is one of my favorite bars to go in the Summer (on a weeknight). I worked in the Lower East Side for awhile and it's definitely my favorite neighborhood to hang out in. My favorite restaurants for plant-based eating include: Ryujin (get the vegan ramen), Sol Sips, Orchard St. Grocer for the best sandwiches, and honestly I always just forget names of places which is why I’m bad at answering this question aka I’m always saying “that one place…”

What are you listening to right now?

Dancing in my Dreams by The Memories (Listen to this loud or it’s not as good)


The Earth Tu Face Vanilla Peppermint Lip Balm, The Après Ski Clef Earrings and Cyprès Earrings

Who was your childhood celebrity crush?

I think it all started with Michael Cera but 12 year old me really had a type. Joseph Gordon Levitt, Miles Teller, Bobby Flay, you name it.

Your current celebrity crush?

Bobby Flay 4ever and always


If you were stranded on an island, what and who would you bring?

I’ve never been asked this question without a limit on what I can bring so thank you for that. I’ll bring: My camera, a reusable water bottle, a notebook, my surf instructor/boyfriend and a surfboard aka foam board in my case, and something to easily open coconuts because I’m really in that for the destination and not the journey.


Jenny's Brooklyn Abode

What's in your dream shopping cart at the moment?

Ahhh I feel like I usually don’t have one these days but within the past few weeks I have been DYING for these RAFA Bungee Wedge Sandals in Vert. Also Girlfriend Collective just restocked their High Waisted Bike Shorts and I just nabbed those for anyone who wants to ride.


Yield Design Co. French Press in Clear and Tuza Cesta Bag in Terracotta

Dream destination?

I’m hoping and saving up to leave for a month this Winter because I don’t think my fragile soul can take another one here. We’re looking at Thailand, Chile, or somewhere else in South America. And you know I’m trying to go to Skopelos, Greece one day where most of Mamma Mia is filmed.


Biggest turn off? Biggest turn on?

Turn offs: When guys only talk about themselves and don’t ask about you, cockiness, close mindedness, and meat eaters.

Turn ons: People who are caring and compassionate, funny, animal lovers, and easy going.


The Cesta Bag by Tuza in Terracotta, exclusive for The Break

Best piece of advice you've ever been given?

Life is just a series of choices and you can always make another one. (Thanks Mom) This really helps my indecisiveness and not putting so much weight on every decision I make.


Jenny wears her Stella Low Cut Bra and Eva G-String in Ivory by Hara The Label

What are your goals for the next year?

I really am just working on learning and being my best self. This includes for me: putting myself out there, living in the present, working to better my mental and physical health, taking care of others around me and trying to learn new things everyday. I definitely want to start honing in on my skills and pushing myself to spend my time doing things that will fulfill me in the long run. Of course, I’m always working to grow my channel and hopefully branching out into some new endeavours towards the end of this year which will be very exciting!