The Break Down: Tajah

tajah_graphic (1).jpg

Next up on The Break Down is our in-store Break Babe and recent Operations team member, Tajah. Sharing playlists with our readers was actually her genius idea, so i'll her speak for herself and tell you what 'Calm Turn Up' is all about.

Calm Turn Up! That’s exactly how I would describe my work playlist. An updated version of what your grandma plays on Sunday morning to start the day. I usually play the same music I listen to on the train as soon as I clock in which includes steady head nods and sporadic day dreams. It gradually changes throughout and depending on the day but I love getting a vibe going for the store that keeps everyone going and chillin’ at the same time! :-)

1) 419 / Nervous Freestyle — Babyfather

2) That Girl — Pharrell Williams, Snoop Dog

3) Sweeter — Budgie

4) Comfortable — Lil Wayne, Babyface

5) Time: The Donut of the Heart — J Dilla


Chill out and turn up with Tajah by following her playlist on our Spotify account.