The Break Down: Isabelle


Unlimited rosé, impromptu dance parties, florals, and the occasional store pup are among the list of amenities that #THEBREAKIRL has to offer.  And while we haven't figured out how to virtually serve rosé on The Break Online (yet), we wanted to bring some of our in-store ambience to our cyber space. Introducing: The Break Down, a new recurring feature serving you curated playlists by our in-house team. First up is our Wholesale Buyer, Isabelle Estrin.

Isabelle describes her music taste as "Call Me By Your Name, meets Frank Ocean, meets garage band pop!" When she's working at The Break, she likes to create an atmosphere that you can have a dance party in but also have a good cry session if needed. Her top five songs of the moment include:

1) Flaming Hot Cheetos — Clairo

2) Be Apart — Porches

3) Visions of Gideon — Sufjan Stevens 

4) Chosen — Blood Orange

5) Seigfried — Frank Ocean

Dance and cry with Isabelle by following her playlist on our Spotify account.