Raveena Aurora: Woman Is Holy

Shot by Blaise Cepis

Interview / Creative Direction by Kira Shipway

Styled by Mohnish Rachuru

Beauty by Michaela Bosch


Name: Raveena Aurora

Birthplace: Venus

Currently: NYC

Astrological Sign: Libra

Insta: @raveena_aurora


Pure, profound and empowered, Raveena Aurora embodies everything we could hope for in the next generation of singer-songwriters. Fresh off the release of her self-directed single Honey, we caught up with Raveena before her Woman Is Holy Tour this summer. Get to know the woman behind the magic and find out who she can't wait to hug below.


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I’ve had the insight and privilege to have lived with you while we were both in school, but for those who may not know about your journey, could you briefly describe how you became involved in the music industry and why that pursuit is so important to you?

I think I always knew I would be a musician. It’s kind of been a life calling since I was very small.


If you had to describe the work you make in three words what would they be?

Peaceful, imaginative, reflective. Warm!


Where/when do you feel the most inspired?

Laying in a patch of sunlight, in a pretty spot in nature. Preferably a notebook and some colored pencils in hand :)


Your music videos, most recently Honey, have an innocent sweetness to them as well as an inherent element of sexuality. I think there’s a lot of power in that grey area, did you make a conscious creative choice to play with the breaking and blending of those boundaries? Or is it something that just comes out naturally in the process, and if so why?

I think the sexuality in Honey feels really pure and empowered. The kind of sexuality that feels embracing and loving towards ones brownness, insecurities and perceived imperfections. The songs lyricism is not infected by the male gaze, and the video was self directed, so the visual was made from a feminine and free perspective as well. I think I personally struggled to get to a point of freedom with my sexuality in that way, so I’m just proud of it above all else :)


From the first thought to the last bow (so to speak), what is your favorite part of the creative process?

There is not one moment of the creative process that I don’t take pleasure in. I think my favorite part about being a musician is the fact that you can build a world around yourself in every creative way you can imagine — there’s the music, but then there’s words, visual stories, performance, color, costume, movement (it goes on forever). I love getting lost in the little details of every moment and type of expression of my art, as much as I can. I definitely tire myself out because of that love and care for making each of those decisions, but I think the result is always unique. 


Who are you at the party?

I’m not at the party :'(


Given that we are living in a particularly volatile and transformation time for women’s rights, what makes you feel safe and empowered?

Having the privilege of having a home that I really love and take care of, and that I share with someone I love is really empowering for me. My home is a true safe space now, and I wake up really grateful that I have a literal physical space that gives me room to be my most free and true self. Religion and spirituality, of course. Women in my life / role models who really listen, uplift, and inspire me also make the world feel like a safer, kinder place. 


Since I’ve known you I’ve always been in awe of the kindness, light, and positive energy that you radiate, especially when faced with challenges or setbacks. Where does your inner strength come from and what advice would you give to others who may be going through a hardship in their life?

Love you! Music is my anchor — I’m blessed to have a songbird in me and the opportunity to cultivate the love for it. Spirituality has also really helped me through it all, and I’m blessed that it was ingrained in me since I was very small. 

I think because I was surrounded by such wildly spiritual and magic-believing people  (who also faced a ton of setbacks) since I was young, that reliance on a greater universal spirit was ingrained in me really intensely. I think the advice I would give to people is to not be too hard on themselves, and it’s advice I should follow more too. We are far more magical and powerful than we give ourselves credit for. 


What does your ideal summer day off look like?

Waking up and doing some yoga and meditation. Writing a good song during the day. Go out to watch the sunset and home cook something healthy :)

We share a love of cooking, which I find can be hugely beneficial for both mental and physical health. What are your favorite ways to practice self-care?

I love cooking! I say this everywhere, but it really is meditation & gratitude! I feel different if I don’t practice that during the day.


You’re about to go on tour for the first time as a headliner, what are you most nervous and/or most excited about?

I’m excited to meet the people who listen to my music, in real life. Through my online interactions and few shows, they truly seem like the sweetest people. I love them and hope I can hug them.


What does success mean to you?

Right now — it’s being able to do what I love, to the best of my ability, and able to support myself while doing it. I have this feeling though that when I’m older my idea of success will shift more to simply, enlightenment <3


You can catch Raveena on her Woman Is Holy Tour in NYC at Baby's Alright on July 27th. For tickets and info go to www.raveenaaurora.com.