Meet the Team: Iris Palma

Iris is our in-house Director of Visuals and in-house sweetheart. Born in the Philippines, Palma grew up in San Diego and moved to New York during the summer of 2016. She joined The Break Family last year and quickly fell into merchandising— we couldn't be happier to have her. Iris's creative eye is one to behold.


Name: Iris Diane Palma

Born: Born in the Philippines, but moved to San Diego, CA before I turned one year old

Currently: Flatbush, Brooklyn

Sign: Taurus Sun, Rising Pisces, Virgo Moon

Follow her: @iris.diane


What is your role at The Break?

Director of Visuals


What’s a typical day for you at The Break?

My job is to make sure the store always looks visually pleasing and Instagram-able for our customers coming in to shop. My tasks vary from day to day. Some days I’ll be inventorying new merchandise, while other days I'll be creating floral arrangements or maintaining and updating the store visuals and displays. I’m constantly trying to re-merchandise the racks and organize our shelves to have an eye-catching color story that makes it fun to browse when shopping.


What’s your favorite part of the job?

The people I work with! They are all amazing and really supportive of one another. I also enjoy how creative and hands on my job is.


How do you take your coffee?

Usually an iced soy latte with one packet of raw sugar, but some days I’ll grab an iced matcha with oat milk!


What is your ideal day off like?

Going to the Whitney Museum, grabbing lunch at Buddah Bodai for vegan shrimp rice rolls, then to McNally Jackson Bookstore to add to my never-ending pile of books. I have a big sweet tooth, so I’d probably stop for a chocolate cookie at Levain Bakery or a scoop of Black Sesame Ash Chocolate Cake Ice Cream from Van Leeuwen. So basically my ideal day consists of LOTS of food!


Where/when do you feel most inspired?

Watching a film or reading a book that really resonates with me. Either that or just being engulfed by nature in general.


Describe your personal style:

I usually try to embody that cool, mysterious girl who works at an art gallery who paints and writes in her free time. I am heavily influenced by my Californian roots, Éric Rohmer films, and 60’s French New Wave films as well.


How do you get dressed in the morning?

Typically, while getting ready for bed I’ll mentally take note of what specific piece I want to wear and try to build upon that piece of clothing. It helps a lot because in the morning I’ll have some direction of what I feel like looking like for the day. Interesting color combinations and silhouettes are something I find important when getting dressed.


What was your most recent splurge?

Last week I bought the Maryam Nassir Zadeh ‘Roberta’ suede block heels and they are probably the most comfortable shoes to ever be on my feet.


The beauty products you can’t live without? Skincare? Hair?

Don’t get me started, I can talk about beauty and skincare all day. Argan Oil has been such a staple in my skincare routine for the past seven years. I use it as a facial moisturizer and sometimes as a hair oil for my ends. It really helps with my acne scarring and absorbs into the skin really well. Eye cream is so important! My favorite is the Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with avocado, it leaves such a nice and youthful glow. I love myself a good hand cream, I always have at least two different hand creams in my bag  (ask any of my friends). My favorite ones are the Chanel Le Creme Main, the one in the cutest egg-shaped packaging, and the Rodin Luxury Jasmine & Neroli Crema Hand Cream. For hair, the Magnolia Shampoo from Klorane is the best shampoo I ever used. It just makes my hair so shiny and soft which is such a rare thing for my dull thick hair.

What hairstyles do you have planned next/your eye on? ;)

So, I cut my hair back to a bob hairstyle recently. I had my friend who is a hairstylist, Sonny Molina, chop it off just above my shoulders. Now I sort of want to dye my hair to a reddy brown color. Google ‘Anne Wiazmesky’ and that’s basically the hair color I want. Not sure if I’ll end up doing it since I love having my natural black hair so much.


Biggest turn off? Biggest turn on?

My biggest turn off is when people are inconsiderate, or arrogant because they think their music taste is cooler than everyone else’s. My biggest turn on is when guys are a lil dorky, a lil geeky, and wear glasses.


What are you listening to right now?

Right now, I have been listening to Florence Welch’s new album “High as Hope." Generally I’m listening to Beach House, Allah-Las, Mitski, Tove Styrke, Rhye and Japanese Breakfast are always on the top of my list. Oh, I also love a throwback song from the 90s and early 00s.


What are your favorite song lyrics?

I light all the candles
Got flowers for all my rooms
I care for myself the way I used to care about you
These days, we kiss and we keep busy
The waves come after midnightI call from underwater
Why even try to get right?
When you've outgrown a lover
The whole world knows but you
It's time to let go of this endless summer afternoon

– Hard Feelings/Loveless by Lorde


Best piece of advice you've ever been given?

I get overwhelmed easily, and my best friend, Dara, gave me this piece of advice that really helped me get through times when I can’t think straight. She told me “Your biggest problem is only the next thing you have to do.” This quote really resonated with me— it helps take away the pressure of worrying about every responsibility and makes you focus in on your next task.

IMG_3110 (1).JPG

How did you get into fashion?

What sparked my interest was when I discovered editorials and magazines. I spent hours on just looking at fashion photography, to the point I started researching the photographers and models in those photos.

I remember I would always be excited the night before school because I got to plan out my outfits for the next day. I was constantly on (R.I.P) looking at the newest runway shows from my favorite designers and wanting to somehow recreate those looks with the clothes in my closet. I wore some pretty crazy stuff to school (butterflies in my hair, layers of petticoats, and tights in every color). My mom hated it, but she got used to it over the years. With all that effort, I won “Best Dressed” in my senior year!


How did you find out about The Break?

One of my good friends, Nadine Elise from San Diego was visiting New York because she was modeling for The Break. She briefly told me about them, but at the time I still had no idea what the store was. I didn’t think much about it after that, but a couple months later I got a notification saying The Break just followed me on Instagram. They sounded familiar and I was like “Oh wait, Nadine told me about them." Obviously, I followed them back and at the the time I needed a job so I did what everyone these days does. I DM’ed them for a job ;-)


Favorite item from The Break?

It has to be all the Après Ski earrings or the Lip & Cheek in ‘Bisou Bisou’ from Make Beauty.


What can we find you doing when you’re not at The Break?

Watching a horror movie alone in my room at 3 a.m. or rewatching an episode of The Office for the 50th time.


Dream destination?



Childhood celebrity crush?

The Jonas Brothers


Current celebrity crush?

Adam Driver


If you were stranded on an island, what and who would you bring?

Obviously I would bring my celebrity crush, Adam Driver with me. I would also bring hot cheetos, bug spray, and a notebook/pen.


Do you have any relationship advice?

From my experience, I would say to never force a relationship with someone— no matter how much you love them. If they don’t equally love you back, in the end it’s only going to result in a bad heartbreak. I strongly believe the timing of when you meet someone in life is so important.


Do you have any advice for newcomers to fashion? Newcomers to New York?

It is okay to feel defeated and overwhelmed. It is okay to not know what you’re doing in life when it feels like everyone around you knows what they want.


Favorite fashion and/or beauty moment/memory:

I was and am still obsessed with the Prada Menswear Fall/Winter ‘13 show; I knew I wanted to own something from the collection. I was so lucky I was able to find one of the wool striped sweaters heavily discounted online. Being 19 years old back then, that was probably the most exciting thing to ever happen to me. That sweater has been through a lot throughout the years. I’ve been on Tinder dates and cried numerous times wearing it while a boy rejected me (HAHA). To this day it’s still one of my most loved and special clothing pieces.


What did you want to be when you were a child?

A teacher, princess, and Regina Rocket from Rocket Power.


What are your goals for the second half of 2018?

Stand up straighter!


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully in a better place with my mental health.


Who are you at the party?

The one crying in the corner.

Photos and Interview by Elianah Sukoenig.