Meet The Muse: Gabbriette

Gabbriette holds a very special place in my heart. I first met her when she was just 18, and I was in LA for my first solo business trip. Gab agreed to shoot with Mercedes and I at my haunted airbnb rental in the Silver Lake Hills, and I was PUMPED. I had fallen in love with her online persona, and soon learned that she's even smarter, funnier, and more beautiful in person. This was the start of something truly magical. We quickly struck up a bicoastal relationship; she would stay with me on her frequent trips to NYC, and eventually, she just moved in. You learn so much about a person by living together, and what I know now is that Gabbriette is simply the best. She’s my live-work-play partner, and one of my biggest creative inspirations. You can look forward to seeing her on, in, and all-over The Break forever more. Keep reading.

- Hannah, founder of The Break

Hi baby. Tell everyone how you connected with The Break?

I met the amazing creator Hannah about three years ago when she came to LA for the first time, we did a shoot, popped some champagne, and fell in love. Before that I had been a fan online for a has become my family! Some things are meant to be.


You're one of our favorite women to work with. Do you have a favorite shoot you've done with us?

Every shoot I’ve done with The Break has been, to me, iconic. My favorite shoot was either the first one we ever did, or the campaign we shot for fashion week two seasons ago. Too many favorite outfits, don’t even try me with that one.


We LOVE every shoot! What are three vintage pieces from your closet you can’t live without?

Black & white cowboy boots, Yves Saint Laurent ☆ sweater, and good jeans. 


Have you had any funny or awkward experiences as a model?

Everything I’ve done as a model has been awkward. One time I had to be soaking wet for a video outdoors at 3 am and I was the coldest I’ve ever been, I feared for my life. That was pretty funny. 


What was your most recent splurge?

I invested in an amazing pair of black Freelance boots. 


The beauty products you can’t live without?

Aluminum free deodorant, Kiehls sunscreen, Thayers toner. WATER tried and true - drink when you wake up, drink while you bathe, drink water in-between all-over.


Best place to eat in NY? LA?

Lalito in NY, any taco truck in LA. My favorite dishes at Lalito are the vegan caesar and the, now extinct, bean dip. And, a taco at taco truck.

Who was your childhood celebrity crush?

Anthony Bourdain, Colin Firth


Your current celebrity crush?

Anthony Bourdain, Colin Firth


Do you have any relationship advice?

Everyone’s relationships are different so listen to advice and take what you want from it but know you’ll never have the exact experience. Also just be your fucking self. 

What are your goals for the second half of 2018?

Focus on family, create more.


How can we change the world?

LOVE. RESPECT. Good ears and an open mind. 


Who are you at the party? 

The only person who shows up in a costume. 

Follow Gabbriette. Photos and words by Hannah