Photographs by Sabrina Giacomaggio

Art Direction / Styling by Charlie Max

Beauty by Rachel Krutchkoff & Jake Dupont

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Inspired by the diverse bodies and experiences that make up our city, The Break celebrates Pride with a very special photoshoot featuring six queer babes we love. Read in solidarity as they share their relationship with Pride and their communities. Here at The Break, we encourage everyone (ourselves included) to take the opportunity this month, and always, to educate each other on pressing issues our queer community faces, lend a hand to your marginalized sisters, and spread unconditional love to all. 

xo —The Break Team


Pride is political radicalism. For me, it's heritage. It's the celebration of the lives lived and lost on the quest for equity. It's Black and Brown trans and non binary ancestral martyrdom. It's the dream of a future of true INTERSECTIONAL queer freedom. 


Pride is a reminder to never relinquish your power as a queer person. Remember that your existence is needed. Remember that you were chosen to bring love and acceptance to the forefront of our society's consciousness. And remember that we stand on the shoulders of giants; men, women, and all those in between that have fought for your right to love.


To me pride means celebrating life and those around you. It's about appreciating and being proud of who you are and how far you've come. 


People often fail to realize that there’s more to pride than just rainbows and glitter. In order to experience a genuine feeling of pride, we all must go through our own personal journey of self discovery, develop a sense of identity and learn how to not only accept, but ultimately love ourselves. 

This feeling is not always easily attainable in a world that constantly invalidates and demonizes that sense of self. Thus, acceptance is like a pre-requisite for pride; acceptance of self, as well as of others.  

Finding that feeling of belonging allows for true pride to come through. 


To me pride is power. It’s the kind of power, however, that you can’t borrow from anyone or anything else. Pride is the power you learn to foster within yourself.


The beauty of pride is that it is a celebration of our individual voices and yet a collective expression of our love. Love for ourselves, for the other and for everyone.  It is a time for queer hearts to band together because queer is every space and body.