THE BREAK DOWN: Louis Vuitton Spring 2018

BREAKing News: Marie Antoinette has had a streetwear makeover and I’m living for it. That’s right, 18th century French fashion is back in style and luckily not in the way you think. Say goodbye to dresses that can’t fit through doors or corsets that restrict your McDonald’s intake. Instead, Marie is coming through in linen shirts and ugly dad sneakers and the entirety of the French Court is shook.

You may be asking, “What is going on?” Well, Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2018 fashion show by Creative Director Nicholas Ghesqiuere took influence from the style and fashions of 18th century (1700-1800) Versailles. The classic ornate dress of the French aristocracy has come to symbolize the premiere display of wealth, privilege and fantasy. This period of extreme dress only lasted so long, and luckily LV has breathed new life into an outdated era. Instead of enforcing boring stereotypes about restricting women, the collection upgraded the idea with streetwear and vintage influences that you actually can wear!!

Getting the exact look from Louis Vuitton is gonna be expensive AF, and you probably won’t be able to find an antique replica of a linen shirt or satin vest from that period at your local thrift store. So I’m going to tell you how you can find and implement some of the pieces from this collection into your wardrobe.

It’s true that attempting to find a fully embroidered pastel petticoat seems to be a lost cause, but being able to integrate vintage embroidery into your wardrobe is a challenge you can (and should) accept. There is no exact science for finding embroidered pieces at a vintage store, but look for florals or greenery on linen and denim to get that Garden of Versailles feel.

If you don’t enjoy embroidery, look to fitted vests and jackets instead. The more colorful the better, and don’t be afraid to take a pair of scissors to it if it isn’t exactly what you want! Some of the more attainable pieces from the show are the shirts— think ridiculous ruffles on collars, cuffs and bibs. Any fabric, color, or pattern will do as long as they are light and floaty. The bigger the sleeves the better, but make sure the torso of the shirt fits well!

Now let’s talk about bottoms, you really have two options: silky athletic shorts or slim fitted pants, and we will be stanning both. The shorts create an air of freedom and at the same time an aura of coolness when paired with a vest or short jacket. As for the slim fit pants, NO SKINNY JEANS. They should fit your legs while still leaving some room, stay away from anything that looks glued to your body! Tip: don’t be afraid to roll your pants for an added flair, it’ll change up your proportions which can make all the difference in look and feel.

Now let’s talk sneakers. Yes they’re chic as fuck, but at $1,100 dollars they’re a bit unobtainable. Thankfully vintage stores and online sellers are full of cool vintage sneakers both designer and not. Additionally the concept of “dad sneakers,” which LV updated with a futuristic look, are very attainable with many brands rebooting some of the ugliest pairs of their collections.

The most important part of a Louis Vuitton show is always the bags, and with Nicolas Ghesquiere as CD these bags are diverse, cool and futuristic. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, leathers and patterns. Certain bags are extremely structured, some are outfitted in the Louis Vuitton monogram, and others use subtle metallics in gold and silver. Turning non-bags into bags is certainly worth the challenge, and no one will ever have one like it. Think tool boxes, hat boxes, vintage suitcases, etc. You could also find a cool vintage Louis Vuitton bag for a decent price on sites like Ebay, Etsy & Poshmark. Just make sure it’s real!

Overall, becoming the Queen of France turned hypebeast isn’t the worst idea i’ve ever heard of. Take a page from Marie Antoinette’s cookbook and don’t be afraid to go over-the-top in the pursuit of fashion. Maybe you’ll even set new trends in the process. In any case, have your damn cake and eat it too!