Edited by Elianah Sukoenig

All photos by Elena Mudd.


LOVE YOUR MOTHER—Last Sunday The Break partnered with Milk Studios and A/D/O for a special Earth Day extravaganza. The store was open all day for dancing and clothing donations, followed by an evening panel at A/D/O focused on integrating sustainability into creative practices. Our goal was simple: to celebrate mother Earth, encourage and educate our community to live their best eco-conscious lives, and party our asses off while doing it.


The Break Vintage Milk Media Love Your Mother Earth Day Brooklyn A/D/O

Customers who brought in clothing for donation received 15% off of their purchases (and an added boost of positive karma). 100% of donations were given to one of our favorite local charities, Hour Children. Located in Long Island City, their mission is to help incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women and their children successfully rejoin the community, reunify with their families, and build healthy, independent, and secure lives. You can read more about their mission here.

Later in the evening at A/D/O, moderator Caroline Leland led a discussion on youth and sustainability. Our featured panelists included Chef and Wellness Advocate Sophia Roe, Artist Jae Kim, Queen of Raw Creative Director Corbin Chase and our own Break Babe Youtuber Jenny Welbourn. The discussion touched on several topics within sustainable living, allowing each panelist to draw personal connections and shed light on elements of eco-consciousness in unexpected ways.

Jae spoke about the challenges he faces working with “garbage” materials: what do you choose to save, collect, and transform, and how do you defend those decisions? The real heroes, he said, are the women we turn a blind eye to in Chinatown. They are quite literally on the ground floor collecting bottles and dutifully recycling. How can we as individuals adopt this mentality into our own lives? Across the board, the answer seemed to be unanimous: consciously and creatively.

Jenny mentioned her own struggle with morals in terms of sustainable living, along with the realities of being a young person in New York. All too often, class and wealth go hand in hand with education and eco-conscious living. The key to overcoming this lies in the form of education and self-awareness.

Sophia elaborated on the importance of education, speaking about her work with Harlem children and mothers, who she helps to inform about seasonal food, environmental shopping, and sustainable cooking. “The little ones are our future, and give me hope,” she emphasized. Hearing a five year old ask their parents to read the ingredients list before buying something, or asking where certain foods come from, gives her faith that the youth of our generation can be given the tools to change the future with sustainable, conscious mindsets.

Corbin shared his experience working with Queen of Raw, an innovative new company that purchases landfill-destined raw materials from brands and factories alike and then resells those materials to designers and other fashion houses. Their biggest challenge, Corbin mentioned, was trying to describe to buyers what certain fabrics feel like while existing in a purely online space. Fabric swatches are wasteful, and the elimination of traditional swatches isn’t always welcomed by clients. If anyone has experience in developing USB fabric simulation technology, he joked half-seriously, please hit him up.

We are honored to have provided a platform for our community to come together in celebration of the environment. Our constant themes of friendship and sustainability were elevated by the company of our panelists and the educational mission of the day.

Special thanks to Novo Fogo and Sixpoint for providing local and sustainable refreshments. Art Hoe Collective for including some beautiful pieces to display, and DJ’s Asukal, Beshken, and Ant Blue Jr for keeping the party poppin.

The Break Vintage Milk Media Love Your Mother Earth Day Brooklyn A/D/O
The Break Vintage Milk Media Love Your Mother Earth Day Brooklyn A/D/O