Behind The Break: Nicole

Name: Nicole Della Costa

Born: Rio de Janeiro

Currently: New York

Sign: Cancer

Follow Her: @delladellacosta


This spontaneous shoot was inspired by an 80's Tonya Harding meets western Penelope Cruz. In a true test of stamina, we met Nicole for eight looks before she had to leave for work, and the flow on set was so beautiful - all of us dancing and singing for four hours straight. It was, unfortunately, over as quickly as it began. Nicole is a beautiful soul — as easy to get along with as she is to shoot. Giving us all of the personality (and so early in the morning!), she instantly became a Break fave + babe for life. 


Fall in love with Nicole in our interview below, and shop all OF her ICONIC looks here.


The fashion world and the art world have always had a symbiotic (and sometimes parasitic) relationship. To you, how does fashion influence your art or vice versa?

It is so true, I feel like there is no separation, clothing is one more medium for expression.


Where/when do you feel the most inspired? 

As long as I keep myself moving, watching movies, reading, going to exhibitions, and meeting friends, I'll stay inspired. I believe inspiration is actually hard work (and a good cup of coffee).


What is your favorite bar or restaurant in New York? 

Cafe Habana. I just can’t get enough of it, I dream about their rice and beans and sweet plantains.


Sketchbook or notebook?



What is your favorite music to listen to while on the train? 

I just discovered Cool Cat by Queen and I can’t stop listening to it. Such a treasure. It is hidden in a very very funky disco album called Hot Space that has Under Pressure on it. I think it was overshadowed by it but it is just the best. There is even a demo version that David Bowie raps on, I’m not kidding, Bowie is rapping and beatboxing!


Who is your biggest style inspiration?

Jonah Freud. He is a good friend of mine and he is full of surprises.


If your fashion sense were a famous work of art, what would it be?

Claudio Bravo “Circe”

Circe (aka Nicole) , by Claudio Bravo, Oil on Canvas 1986.

Circe (aka Nicole), by Claudio Bravo, Oil on Canvas 1986.

How do you like to wind down or de-stress after a busy week?

Loads of Epsom salt in a bath tub.


What project are you most excited about working on right now?

I just finished shooting the video for the poetry book I released last year “En+Theos”. It was such a special piece of work to me that I wanted to go full circle and thought a video would be a very interesting way to explore it more. I invited my friend and artist Júlia Brandão to do the scenario. She created different sets for each section of the book and I got to read the poems on camera. It was amazing, her work is so beautiful and so honest. The whole process was so nice, but also very challenging specially when self directing. 


Tell us something people may not know about you?

I took surfing very serious as a kid and won first place two championships against all the boys!