Behind The Scenes: Bodhi

The coldest days of winter were upon us this February when we got together for with two of our favorite LA based angels Bodhi Rose and Mercedes Esquivel. We drew inspiration from Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct -  her effortless 80s style is powerful and sexy, with  the right amount of manipulative bitch. Bodhi's bombshell beauty and go-for-it attitude is the perfect fit for a shoot that toes the line between corporate chic and the no-pants dance. (Is there anything hotter than a confident woman in a pants suit?) The final product is LA glam meets NY grunge and a fuck ton of fun.


Read our interview with Bodhi below and shop the collection here.

Name: Bodhi Rose Brooks

Born: November 25, 1997

Currently: Los Angeles

Sign: Sagittarius

Follow Her: @bodhibodhibodhi


What is your ideal day off like?

My ideal day off is waking up late, having my morning coffee and smoke, hanging out with my friends and just seeing where the day takes us (:


Where/when do you feel most inspired?

I feel the most inspired around my friends, I'm fortunate to have really caring and creative people around me who are also pursuing unconventional career paths.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The most incredible aspect of my job is being able to travel. I come from a very small family that didn't have the luxury to spend money on traveling so its very rewarding to go to these places and share my experiences with them.


Tell us the best thing about the LA?

I just came back from a two month stay in NY and I have never appreciated the weather here as much as I do now lol


Your Instagram feed is incredible, what are some of your favorite accounts to follow for inspiration?

I don't put that much thought into my Instagram, I usually just post photos from shoots but my favorite Instagram accounts are: @tasteofstreep @insecthaus_adi @thedodo @sirjoancornella and of course @shopthebreak (;


If you could only use any skincare product for the rest of your life what would it be?

Any Sunday Riley product


Describe your personal style:

I really only buy clothes from vintage and thrift stores. I just throw on whatever I feel comfortable in. All together I would say my style is a combination of the 60's and 90's.

What would you tell aspiring models?

Don't be afraid to speak up for yourself. If you're feeling uncomfortable in a situation or don't feel like you are on the same page as people you're working with just let them know in the nicest way possible. Also, a lot of the time models don't get the opportunity to be creative or have input into shoots so anytime you have that chance take it because you can put more of yourself into the shoot and it's also just fun to collaborate.

What is one movie/book/song you believe every person should be exposed to in their lifetime?

I love so many films but my favorite movie/book of all time is The Shining and I highly recommend it if you're into weird dark shit like me haha. When it comes to music its too hard to choose because I love everything from Patsy Cline to MF DOOM.

Best piece of advice you could give our readers:

Trust your intuition, everything happens for a reason, eat pad Thai, and DRINK MORE WATER!!! <3