Meet the Team: Kira Shipway

Last year, when we decided to open our doors and set up shop, Kira Shipway was one of the first people to join our then tiny team. Since then, she has been an integral part of our family and our success. A true definition of #breakbabe, Kira is effortlessly cool while being abundantly witty, smart, and kind. Read on to get to know about the model, artist, and pioneer Break Babe. 


Name: Kira Shipway

Born: Marthas Vineyard, MA 

Currently: South Williamsburg, BK

Sign: Cancer

Follow her: @kiraship

What is your role at The Break?

Visual Merchandiser & Special Projects Manager


What’s your favorite part of the job?

That it’s more than just a job... it’s a community and a safe space where I feel lucky to work with inspiring people who motivate and challenge each other every day. 


How do you take your coffee?

Let me count the ways!

But seriously my coffee order (like my mood) is all over the place and if you think I’m going to pick a favorite go watch Sophie’s Choice bc I’d rather die.


What is your ideal day off like?

I love to go to museums or galleries by myself, because being alone in a crowd reminds me of who I am and why New York is so sacred to me. My ideal evening is a dinner date with friends, because the only thing more sacred than art and solitude is food and friendship. 


Where/when do you feel most inspired?

In the bath or on a plane.


Describe your personal style:

I live by something my mom told me on my first day of kindergarten: wear whatever the fuck you want as long as it’s weather appropriate. (Okay she didn’t say fuck but you get it) My style is comfortable, classic, and a little bitchy. 



If you could use any skincare product for the rest of your life what would it be?

Face cream, moisturizer, whatever you want to call it but hydration is everything. 

Best piece of advice you've ever been given?

Progress, not perfection.



Hannah Richtman