Dianna Lopez in Retrograde

Shot and Styled by Kyra, Interview by Tajah, Assisted by Searcy.

We have stars in our eyes for New York based singer-songwriter Dianna Lopez. In her latest music video, Retrograde, shot, edited and produced by Searcy Kwon, Dianna embodies a perfect fusion of intergalactic goddess and sultry siren. Let her soothing sounds lull you into an otherworldliness trace. We caught up with the rising star on a sunny Brooklyn morning.

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Name: Dianna Lopez

From: Rockland County, New York

Currently: Rockland County, New York // NYC

Astrological Sign: Sagittarius Sun, Gemini Moon, Sagittarius Rising

Follow Her: @_diannalopez


Tell us about Retrograde, how’d it come together and how are you feeling about the final product?

Retrograde is one of my favorite songs off Foreign Space, my most recent album. I wrote everything at the start of 2018 during a time of spiritual and emotional confusion and awakening for me—Mercury was in literal retrograde, hence the title. Xander, the producer of Foreign Space, sent me the beat and I immediately spilled all my thoughts and emotions onto the track. The beat gave me a spooky, underworld vibe and Xander, who’s really spiritual himself, sent me some chimes from a pineal gland activation video for meditation. I thought “this would sound dope at the beginning of the track. Maybe we could awaken people’s spirits” heh heh.  

Me and my homegirls started planning the music video back in May. Searcy, Tajah and I have a group chat called Wholesome Flamin’ Hot Cheetos since we’re chill but go off when need be, like the true fire signs we all are. When I first released Foreign Space, the girls were going crazy! We decided on Retrograde and talked about what we wanted to do and see - Searcy created the visuals and Tajah styled. The process of shooting and getting everything together was hard work and not easy at all; but it was worth it and I’m really happy with how the video turned out!

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Do you remember your first creative spark? How’d you even get started?

I actually never wanted to be a music artist, I wanted to act but I always loved singing. The first time I discovered this love was when I was 6. I used to sing through my church for music shows and not going to lie... I loved being on stage (even though I got super nervous & still do). Worshipping gave me a sense of purpose - I love how there’s no real end, you just keep singing and praising till your heart tells you you’ve gotten enough. Whenever I sing, I try to keep that same feeling inside me.

Do you ever find yourself stereotyped or pigeonholed by others for the type of music you make or the kind of artist you are?

People stereotype me without even listening to my work. Off bat, they automatically assume I’m an R&B artist. Like no sis, don’t limit me just because I’m a black girl! Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with R&B but I see myself cultivating a different route, one without a label tied to it.

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Dream collaboration?

Frank Ocean, Archy or Willow.

What do you listen to in the car?

I have a huge, neverending playlist I continuously shuffle to fit the vibe of my day. There’s lots of experimental stuff in there, some 70’s rock, tons of vibey music.

What practices, rituals or safe spaces help you feel most like yourself when your anxious, sad or upset?

I’m a nervous/anxious person so it’s really important for me to do my Full Moon and New Moon rituals. It sets the tone for how my month is going to unravel. My number one safe space is my bedroom - it’s filled with essential oils, music gear and a large window with trees surrounding it. I’m free to just dream and be.

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Tell us about Midnight!

Midnight is my partner in crime! He’s my dog, a mixed breed. He’s very big and has a soft black coat like a midnight sky. He’s fat and always begging for my food but he looks after me just as much as I look after him. When I’m feeling anxious or weary, he can sense that and he’ll jump on me and start licking my face to cheer me up. He has so much energy and is super happy most of the time. He’s my spirit guide for sure.

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Best advice you’ve ever received?  

Slow down and be. In a world that moves so fast, it’s easy to miss the wonders of life and recognize there’s so much to be thankful for. The thoughts you have plant seeds and grow into what your life will be.

Goals for 2019?

Tour alongside notable artists.