The Break Down: Sarah

Playlist by Sarah Frey


The latest mix in our Break Down series is inspired by Chief Operating Officer and the Creed Bratton of our office, Sarah Frey.

This playlist is a compilation of my favorite songs to blast while driving (or riding the subway), mixed with the most beautiful songs I know.  I have an affinity for sad songs, and songs that tell a story. For me they hold the most weight and make me feel some type of way. I love almost all genres, but for this playlist I picked classics that I’ve been listening to for years, and are classics for a reason. Music has changed my life and enhances my life on a daily basis. This playlist represents all of the feels for me and matches my energy best. Words aren’t my strong point, so I’ll let the music speak for me. —Sarah.

1) Dead Flowers — The Rolling Stones

2) Silver Springs — Fleetwood Mac

3) Don’t Let Me Down — The Beatles

4) Nevada — Deer Tick

5) I’ll Be Here In The Morning — TV2

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