#BreaktheMold, Women who Inspire Us: Amanda Adam

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At The Break, we are all about #BreakingtheMold and celebrating women who do the same, women who use their creativity as a catalyst to inspire others and spark a conversation.

For our very first #BreakTheMold feature, we got to sit down with Amanda Adam, a photographer who's work celebrates and inspires women through a refreshingly honest and poignant lens. Our very own Elianah was lucky enough to sit down with Amanda, ask her a few questions, and take some breathtaking photos. Read on to get to know the incredible woman behind the lens.

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Name: Amanda Adam

Age: 24

Location: Los Angeles.. for now

Occupation: Freelance art photographer, stylist & a sucker for the service industry

Astrology Sign: Sagittarius baby

New York or LA: LA by blood, NY by heart

What led you to photography?

After scooping up a film camera from eBay, I began experimenting (and falling love with) 35mm film. Professionally, my career began when my private high school classmates had their parents' funds to spare and a desire for new Facebook profile pictures. After that, my love for styled shoots (and cash flow) blossomed.


How do you incorporate styling into your shoots?

Styling is why I shoot. I take an outfit, figure out a prop, and slam in a location that will most likely juxtapose. It always starts with the outfits.


Your photos have a certain dreamy vibe to them- what inspires your technique?

I guess I channel an overall feeling of youth, freedom, and exploration. Most of what I do is forced subconscious experience, especially the collages. Being an indecisive Sagittarius, I've come to realize that the more I think about something, the easier it is to talk myself out of it. So when I collage, I turn off the doubt and turn on age 5... I grab a handful of polaroids, a cohesive set of shapes and imagery, and begin pulling Edward Scissorhands shit! It's really a pencil jump into my childhood.

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How would you describe your style?

"Juxtaposition" is definitely a word I'm constantly throwing around mid-shoot. I've always struggled with honing in on one style in particular, so I inevitably toss all styles into one that is cohesive.


How do you want people to feel when they look at your images?

Empowered, and energetic! Ready to dance or protest or just get up and take some action. And to do it with style!


What are some of your favorite places in LA? Where would you go to dance? Drink? Escape?

I just fell in love with The Commissary, a really dreamy greenhouse bar that's in a hotel. I'd groove & chain-smoke at Black in Hollywood. If I had to escape I'd probably take a canyon road to Malibu and hit up my favorite secluded beach.

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Who would you most like to photograph, alive or not?

Brittany Murphy!!!!!


Do you have a motto? If so, what is it?

"You can sleep when you're dead". As told on repeat by my Bubbie.


You’re at a bar- what drink do you order?

A tall well gin & soda plz


You’re at karaoke- what song do you sing?

The one and only time I karaoke-ed, I demolished my future credibility with Blondie's 'Heart of Glass'. Never again my friends, never again.


You’re at a library- what book do you choose?

The biggest, fattest book about Warhol.


You’re at The Break- what piece do you reach for?  

I'm a sucker for the vibrant, mod 60's dresses. If not that, then the heaviest fur of all time. After I head straight to the Rosé table!


How would you like to impact the industry/create change with your work?

Most of all, I want to instill confidence in women all around me. I am always drawn to models who have hardly any experience. Helping women find their creative light, by leading the path with my camera. That is why I take photographs.

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Interview by Elianah Sukoenig

Photos by Amanda Adam






Elianah Sukoenig