How To Shop The Break With Abby Bencie

When the words "Break Babe" come to mind, Abby Bencie's name immediately follows. She is the epitome of what it means to be a Break Babe: an effortlessly chic, independent, and strong woman. We first met Abby in The Break's early days, (back when packed Bushwick studio trunk shows were the name of the game) and Abby fell in love with us just as seamlessly as we fell in love with her, and the rest is history! Abby has become one of our most cherished and loyal customers. She has picked up some of the best pieces we have ever had in our collection, as well as a lifetime guarantee of friendship & rosé. 


Abby is currently working as a stylist at Opening Ceremony and doing freelance social media for Paper Cup Music. When she isn't gracing the world with her extremely excellent styling or dancing with us at the store, you can probably catch her at some of Bushwick's best hangouts- where everyone already definitely knows her name. Abby's care-free and electrically charming personality is contagious. If you haven't already met her and fallen in love- read on because you will soon be wondering where this "Mom Butt" has been all your life. 

The Break Vintage Abby Bencie How To Shop The Break Polaroid

Name: Abigail Elizabeth Bencie

Age: 22, Single and ready to mingle

Where are you from?: South Jersey, but I tell everyone Philly because it sounds cooler (my mom’s from Philly so I basically grew up there)

What's your horoscope?: Pisces - she’s a dreamer, she’s emotional, but what makes me not like a Pisces is nurture vs. nature. I’m emotional but I was raised to not be emotional because I grew up with two older brothers. I always wanted to be one of the guys. My brother ripped my earring out once and it didn't even phase me.

When do you usually come in to The Break?

Almost every day. Whenever I have free time or need an outfit. I started realizing that you guys put stuff out on Tuesdays so I try to get first picks.


Do you usually come with friends?

No, because all my friends are here already.


What has been one of your favorite events at The Break?

This is hard because fashion week was really, really good. I brought a small bag because I thought, "I’m literally not shopping, I'm just gonna chill," and then I ended up buying a bunch of stuff. One of the most fun times I’ve had here is when the store was closed and we all ended up drinking and doing karaoke.

What are some of your favorite pieces that you’ve gotten at The Break?

My 100 blazers, literally. Half of my closet is blazers from The Break. I got a sheer Donna Karen top and my nipples were out all summer it was hot. OH MY GOD THE ZEBRA PANTS (referring to her amazing zebra pants she bought from The Break a year ago). I bought those before you even had a store! They’re OG Break! Another one of my favorites is this brown button down with puffy sleeves and a dramatic collar.


How did you find out about The Break?

So Alex (friend, @alexandracherouvis) was supposed to intern for The Break but then got another job. Then I found out Sarah (our COO, @_urbancowgirl_) was interning for a vintage startup and the rest is history. I came to the pop up and bought so many things, like this green oversized coat which is one of my favorite things. I also bought a pleather jacket with the big fur sleeves, it's literally my favorite coat. 


What do you think are the best things to buy vintage?

Everything, contemporary stores just aren't providing things this generation wants. Is fashion modern? No. It never will be modern, it’s all cyclical. Everyone right now wants to look like they’re from the seventies, designers are trying to make things that look old. Why buy that when you can buy a $60 coat from The Break? Why buy a pair of Zara boots that you're going to see 60 people wearing on the street when you can buy vintage? Vintage feels so much more special. Like a sport and you just won the championship.

What are some of your favorite spots around the neighborhood?

Chucko - Ramen on Evergreen, so good and it’s cheap!

Bushwick Bakery - Where I get my coffee, iced coffee two sugars and almond milk. I would like to pretend I'm a badass and take it black but I can’t.

Three Diamond Door

101 wilson- Skate bar around the corner from my apartment. That’s where I’m gonna find my first husband. The kind of bar that dudes bring spray paint to. I once grabbed a guy’s can and sprayed "mom butt" huge on the back wall of the bar. The thing about this bar that’s nice is they sell $6 well drinks in huge soda glasses.

Forrest Point- Brunch spot when it’s nice out. I love the steak benedict because I’m not vegan.

Bodegas - Hana & Lmo’s. I wish I could go to my bodega on my corner but when I was drunk my bodega man asked me for my number and now he facetime's me every night :(.

Abby and The Break's resident shop dog Shi Shi.

Abby and The Break's resident shop dog Shi Shi.

Steps on how to shop The Break

1) Have money in your bank account (Side note - y'all are the reason i got my CC taken away. My dad texted me and said, “you were at The Break three times this week, is that a mistake?” it wasn’t.)

2) Make sure all your hoe’s are working (or just hanging there)

3) Hug, rosé, dog pet, and then you dive in

4) Start with color. Sometimes I know I need a top or a bottom, or I'm coming in for a specific look. Sometimes I just want something to find me, usually when that happens it’s based on color, pattern, or material.

Main advice - Just try it on! A lot of shit that looks okay on the hanger looks fire-flames on the bod.

The Break Vintage Abby Bencie How To Shop The Break Polaroid
The Break Vintage Abby Bencie How To Shop The Break Polaroid

What do you do?

I am a Freelance Stylist at Opening Ceremony. It’s fab and I love it so much. I was unemployed and uninspired all summer and then this job just hopped into my lap and I am living it, loving it, laughing at it, because I’m so happy. It’s so funny how everything happens for a reason. When I was a freshman I won an orientation contest and was able to work the Opening Ceremony’s show at Fashion week, and then I got an internship at Black Frame who does PR for OC, and now here I am. I also freelance for Paper Cup Music, a Brooklyn based record label. I do their social media. I’ll meet my second husband through that.


Who are your vintage style icons?

Every 80’s mom


What are your favorite Instagram accounts to follow?

@papercupmusic, @puppycodes, @tpj


Who are you loving right now/where do you go to see live music?

Sheryl Crow, Lily Allen, The Growlers, King Krule, Mac De Marco, and French Montana when I’m feeling frisky. Live music at Baby’s All Right, Terminal 5, and Webster Hall (RIP).


What's your hangover cure for the day after a Break party?

Vomit when you get home. Four advil when you wake up.


How would you define 'Break Babe'?

Hot, confident, knows what she wants and won’t settle for less.