Jessie Andrews on the Importance of Vintage and Sustainable Fashion

Jessie Andrews is woman of many talents- a wildcard of sorts. Above all, she is an entrepreneur. Andrews is the founder of four brands: Bagatiba, Basic Swim, Jeu Illimite, and Petiue. Originally from Miami, she is now based out of Los Angeles.

On her most recent trip to New York, Andrews visited The Break to discuss the integral role of sustainability in her brands, and how vintage fits into the mix.

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Meet The Muse: Gabbriette

Gabbriette holds a very special place in my heart. I first met her when she was just 18, and I was in LA for my first solo business trip. Gab agreed to shoot with Mercedes and I at my haunted airbnb rental in the Silver Lake Hills, and I was PUMPED. I had fallen in love with her online persona, and soon learned that she's even smarter, funnier, and more beautiful in person.

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To celebrate the launch of MAKE Beauty at The Break, we decided to showcase the products on our employees. Our friend and fellow Break Babe Rachael Krutchkoff, @rocky_mua, crafted seven makeup MAKE looks for this shoot. I had the honor of interviewing her- read on for a written peek into Rachael’s favorite products, self-care advice, the story behind her nickname and more.

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THE BREAK DOWN: Louis Vuitton Spring 2018

BREAKing News: Marie Antoinette has a streetwear makeover and I’m living for it. That’s right, 18th century French fashion is back in style and luckily not in the way you think. Say goodbye to dresses that can’t fit through doors or corsets that restrict your McDonald’s intake. Instead, Marie is coming through in linen shirts and ugly dad sneakers and the entirety of the French Court is shook.

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Lulu Bonfils is a force to be reckoned with. The Break first met her when she took part in our 2018 Winter Fashion Show and we all quickly fell for the distinct woman that she is.

In addition to her studies at The Pratt Institute, Bonafils is doing big things in the fashion industry (she is one of the new faces of Rihanna’s lingerie line *fans self*). I virtually sat down with Lulu to chat about modeling, art, her pet rodents, Instagram and so on.

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LOVE YOUR MOTHER—Last Sunday The Break partnered with Milk Studios and A/D/O for a special Earth Day extravaganza. The store was open all day for dancing and clothing donations, followed by an evening panel at A/D/O focused on integrating sustainability into creative practices. Our goal was simple: to celebrate mother Earth, encourage and educate our community to live their best eco-conscious lives, and party our asses off while doing it.

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THE BREAK DOWN: Jacquemus Spring 2018

In the new age of social media, the iron curtain that the fashion industry once hung around its shoulders has since disintegrated. This has allowed us to see just how a designer’s collection comes together. Due to the endless and accessible fashion archive that is the Internet, every designer’s best-kept secret has been uncovered: Vintage. In this series, I’ll be dissecting a few contemporary collections to find their vintage influences and then revealing how you can affordably shop them.

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Luke Meagher
Meet Your New Girl Crush: Shereen Mohammad

Once you're a break babe, you're a break babe for life. When Break NYFW SS18 model and real life angel, Shereen Mohammad, came by to pick up her custom illustration by Andrea Smith last week, we couldn't help but pick her brain (you're welcome!). Sweet, down to earth, and full of wisdom, Shereen is the girl you wanna be best friends with as soon as you meet her.

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Behind The Break: Nicole

This spontaneous shoot was inspired by an 80's Tonya Harding meets western Penelope Cruz. In a true test of stamina, we met Nicole for eight looks before she had to leave for work, and the flow on set was so beautiful - all of us dancing and singing for four hours straight. It was, unfortunately, over as quickly as it began. Nicole is a beautiful soul — as easy to get along with as she is to shoot. Giving us all of the personality (and so early in the morning!), she instantly became a Break fave + babe for life.

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Drawings and Dress-up with Andrea Smith

Last week, we caught up by playing dress-up with OG Break Babe and resident artist Andrea Smith while she refreshed our seasonal window display. Andrea has been an integral part of the Break community since we first opened our doors in December 2016 and has been creating beautiful one-of-a-kind window paintings for us ever since. Always a breath of fresh air, Andrea truly embodies the "good vibes only" cliché well, literally.

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On a chilly February evening in Greenpoint, BK, the night hummed with the distinct sound of a party that would soon become the stuff of legends. Inside, joyful mosh pits and impromptu crowd surfing were fueled by unlimited cheese plates and an open bar. Fashion’s chicest and frankly, funnest crowd, kicked off their vintage Valentino’s and partied like it was… well, 2018.

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Meet the Team: Kira Shipway

Last year, when we decided to open our doors and set up shop, Kira Shipway was one of the first people to join our then tiny team. Since then, she has been an integral part of our family and our success. A true definition of #breakbabe, Kira is effortlessly cool while being abundantly witty, smart, and kind. Read on to get to know about the model, artist, and pioneer Break Babe. 

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Meet the Team: Sophie Mumper

Meet The Break's Director of Retail, Sophie Mumper. An Atlanta native, Sophie moved to NYC to study Fashion Business at The Fashion Institute of Technology last fall. We were lucky enough to convince her to join our team almost a year ago, and since then, she has been an integral part of The Break. Read on to get to know the sweetest and chicest store manager in Brooklyn.

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#BreaktheMold, Women who Inspire Us: Amanda Adam

At The Break, we are all about #BreakingtheMold and celebrating women who do the same, women who use their creativity as a catalyst to inspire others and spark a conversation.

For our very first #BreakTheMold feature, we got to sit down with Amanda Adam, a photographer who's work celebrates and inspires women through a refreshingly honest and poignant lens. Our very own Elianah was lucky enough to sit down with Amanda, ask her a few questions, and take some breath taking photos. Read on to get to know the incredible women behind the lens.

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Elianah Sukoenig
Closet Tour: Nicole Glickman

I met Nicole about a year ago when I moved to New York. At the time, I didn't have many friends when I moved to the city. So one of my friends from California suggested I hang out and get to know Nicole. She gave me her Instagram and phone number, and without question I texted her. Here we are, one year later and I can whole-heartedly say she is one of the coolest girls I have ever met in New York. Nicole is a grad from The Fashion Institute of Technology with a major in Fashion Business Management. At the moment she works at Fox & Fawn in Brooklyn as a buyer.

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Iris Diane Palma
Whiskey & Cigarettes with Angelina Bergenwall

I first met Angelina in 2011 in Sweden, where I was studying abroad. She was recommended to me as a great Swedish photographer who may be willing to work with me on my blog. Upon meeting her, I gave her a HUGE hug, in classic American fashion, and almost scared her away. I quickly learned that the Swedish social customs were not what I was used to (I am loud, blunt, and move my hands around a lot when I speak), but she agreed to work with me despite my obvious lunacy.

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How To Shop The Break With Abby Bencie

When the words "Break Babe" come to mind, Abby Bencie's name immediately follows. She is the epitome of what it means to be a Break Babe: an effortlessly chic, independent, and strong woman. We first met Abby in The Break's early days- back when packed Bushwick studio trunk shows were the name of the game. Abby fell in love with us just as seamlessly as we fell in love with her, and the rest is history! Abby has become one of our most cherished and loyal customers. She has picked up some of the best pieces we have ever had in our collection, as well as a lifetime guarantee of friendship & rosé. 

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