Meet the Team: Sophie Mumper

Meet The Break's Director of Retail, Sophie Mumper. An Atlanta native, Sophie moved to NYC to study Fashion Business at The Fashion Institute of Technology last fall. We were lucky enough to convince her to join our team almost a year ago, and since then, she has been an integral part of The Break. Read on to get to know the sweetest and chicest store manager in Brooklyn.

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Hannah Richtman
#BreaktheMold, Women who Inspire Us: Amanda Adam

At The Break, we are all about #BreakingtheMold and celebrating women who do the same, women who use their creativity as a catalyst to inspire others and spark a conversation.

For our very first #BreakTheMold feature, we got to sit down with Amanda Adam, a photographer who's work celebrates and inspires women through a refreshingly honest and poignant lens. Our very own Elianah was lucky enough to sit down with Amanda, ask her a few questions, and take some breath taking photos. Read on to get to know the incredible women behind the lens.

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Elianah Sukoenig
Closet Tour: Nicole Glickman

I met Nicole about a year ago when I moved to New York. At the time, I didn't have many friends when I moved to the city. So one of my friends from California suggested I hang out and get to know Nicole. She gave me her Instagram and phone number, and without question I texted her. Here we are, one year later and I can whole-heartedly say she is one of the coolest girls I have ever met in New York. Nicole is a grad from The Fashion Institute of Technology with a major in Fashion Business Management. At the moment she works at Fox & Fawn in Brooklyn as a buyer.

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Iris Diane Palma
Whiskey & Cigarettes with Angelina Bergenwall

I first met Angelina in 2011 in Sweden, where I was studying abroad. She was recommended to me as a great Swedish photographer who may be willing to work with me on my blog. Upon meeting her, I gave her a HUGE hug, in classic American fashion, and almost scared her away. I quickly learned that the Swedish social customs were not what I was used to (I am loud, blunt, and move my hands around a lot when I speak), but she agreed to work with me despite my obvious lunacy.

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How To Shop The Break With Abby Bencie

When the words "Break Babe" come to mind, Abby Bencie's name immediately follows. She is the epitome of what it means to be a Break Babe: an effortlessly chic, independent, and strong woman. We first met Abby in The Break's early days- back when packed Bushwick studio trunk shows were the name of the game. Abby fell in love with us just as seamlessly as we fell in love with her, and the rest is history! Abby has become one of our most cherished and loyal customers. She has picked up some of the best pieces we have ever had in our collection, as well as a lifetime guarantee of friendship & rosé. 

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Milk Makeup x The Break

We teamed up with Milk Makeup and powerhouse makeup artist Andi Metro to bring you some Halloween-inspired looks! Featuring Break Babes Gabriette Bechtel, Scarlett Costello, Anajah Hamilton, and Mohnish Rachuru, all wearing #TheBreakIRL. This shoot - organized to promote our party that was benefiting those affected by Hurricane Maria - took place right in our store at 82 Dobbin St. Shoutout to Milk for giving away their precious goodies to those who made donations and purchases that night. #MilkMakeupXTheBreak

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The Break Blossoms

Introducing The Break Florals! Every Thursday, our very own Break Babe Sarah Frey will be creating floral arrangements in store. Arrangements are priced between $20-$60 with a vase, and $10-$40 without. Vintage vases and the lovely CK_TC ceramics are also available for purchase individually. Stop by and check out our new arrangements every Thursday for the freshest selection! Floral photography by our fav Cody Guilfoyle.

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Closet Tour: Sabrina Giacomaggio

Sabrina is a photography student and artist assistant to Chloe Wise. Sabrina has a keen eye that translates into all aspects of her life including her engaging work and impeccable style. We were lucky enough to sit down and chat with her, drink some wine, and get a peek into her incredible closet.

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Around the Block with Parker Kit Hill

Parker Kit Hill is a treasure. He entered our store for what was supposed to be a quick meeting and left hours later with a week's worth of looks and all of our respect. His natural sense of style radiates, and we instantly bonded over our love of vintage. Since then, you can catch him hanging out at #thebreakIRL styling our customers, rosé in hand, leading spontaneous dance parties. 

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Meet the Team: Hannah, Sarah, & Isabelle

We have come a long way from Hannah's apartment. The Break is now a full-fledged Brooklyn brick and mortar (event space, community center, overall great place to be) and it couldn't be done without the help of some incredible woman power! Take a tour of their private spaces and get to know Hannah, the Founder, Sarah, the COO, and Isabelle, the Director of Retail and Events. 

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Grab a Drink with Andrea Smith

I met Andrea last December as we were preparing to open The Break store. She was recommended to me by a mutual friend as an amazing artist who may be willing to illustrate our windows. Despite having just gotten over the flu, she showed up with saltines and seltzer and proceeded to blow my mind with her artistic ability and lovable energy. That day, Andrea was inducted into the Breakbabe hall of fame. Since then, I've discovered that she is not only incredibly dedicated to her craft, she's also genuinely kind, fun-loving, easy-going and totally inspiring.

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